Top Guns: Gun Store and Indoor Range

    I recently stopped in to check out Top Guns in Terre Haute, Indiana. Top Guns boasts the largest showroom and indoor shooting range in the Midwest. Steve Ellis, the owner of Top Guns, was kind enough to give us the full tour and show what all Top Guns had to offer.

    It was great meeting with Steve Ellis, the owner of Top Guns.

    From the start, walking in the doors is a large waterfall and Sig Sauer display.

    Rows of safes line the sides of the haul as you walk in and see two large steel doors guarding the entrance to the showroom.

    Each of the metal doors weigh over 2,000 pounds.

    It was also a welcome sight to see the barricade and course information proudly positioned up front. Stapled to the barricade were fliers for upcoming courses, showing not only that Top Guns offered firearm sales, but also trained individuals how to use them.

    Show Room

    From the second level you can really get a glimpse of the vast showroom floor.

    Overlooking the showroom is an elevated stage with a large array of drums and other instruments.

    Here you can see the comfortable couches and stage where live bands can entertain patrons.


    Inside is an expansive showroom with an incredible inventory available for you to feel and touch. While ordering online can be easy for some purchases, avoiding the jitters of buying a firearm sight unseen and seeing the firearm in person can result in a more knowledgeable purchase.

    If you take a right when you first enter the showroom you will find a long row of showcases lined with collections of Ruger, Glock, HK and many other brands of pistols. When looking for a concealed carry pistol this collection is invaluable in being able to grip and feel the ergonomics and controls of pistols from many major brands in one location.

    Not only are many of the popular pistol brands represented, the wall is also lined with numerous holsters and accessories.


    In the center of the showroom is a large rectangle of cases showing off a large array of revolvers including some of the latest releases from Colt.

    The revolver counter sits at the center of the room surrounded by rifle cases, backpacks and cases of ammunition.


    Along the wall near the back corner is a respectable collection of carbines. From pistol caliber carbines to ARs in various calibers and configurations, feeling a trigger or the weight of a rifle before purchase can be useful knowledge to help a buyer find what rifle is best for them.

    Trained armorers also offer services such as mounting optics, pistol sights, cleaning and repairs.


    Top Guns also has a large selection of optics in stock with a larger assortment of higher end optics than I have seen even many large stores. While you can read specs of an optics field of view or eye relief online, I prefer being able to look through an optic before I make a purchase.

    Due to expense and sheer volume of the number of available optics no store can stock them all. However, having a large assortment in stock significantly helps a customer decide what style of optic might best fit their needs.

    Bolt Action Rifles and Shotguns

    While the tactical shooter is well represented, Top Guns also has a large assortment of various bolt action rifles and shotguns available as well. From the shiny wooden stocks to the Benelli M4, the inventory impressively serves a large portion of the shooting community.

    Branded Displays

    Towards the back of the showroom are two branded display areas for FN Herstal and Sig Sauer. In these displays you can see a large collection of the top firearms from both brands. Even with the coveted nature of firearms such as the newly released FN 509 Tactical, I was pleasantly surprised to see newly released items on display and available at a fair price.

    Top guns is a Sig Sauer Elite dealer, meaning they get first dibs on new releases. Sig is well represented throughout the store from handguns to optics. Armorers are also trained at the Sig Sauer Academy and the range hosts Sig reps for special events.

    Top Guns Range

    As the largest indoor range in the Midwest, the range boasts a 50 yard, 25 yard and 20 yard bay. Each bay has six lanes and includes speakers, strobes and moving target tracks to maximize training value. Being able to turn off the lights and train in the dark provides a huge training asset.

    In the 50 yard bay there are padded walls and moveable walls to create a live fire shoothouse.

    The 50 yard rifle range was an impressive element of the indoor range.

    The area at the end of the 50 yard range allows for shooters to shoot in 3 directions.

    Special Events

    Top Guns offers numerous events throughout the week, from bowling pin shoots to Well Armed Women meetings.

    Competitive shooters are welcome to attend IDPA and 3-Gun competitions hosted at the indoor range. According to Steve, Top Guns offers the only indoor multistage 3-Gun shoot in the Midwest.


    Top Guns offers numerous courses ranging from basic pistol and rifle safety classes to CQB and Active Shooter Response. Most courses are approximately 4 hours in length with exceptions for specialized courses.

    Top Guns also has made it a point to give back to the community by offering special LE courses for active shooter response and has also trained 3 school districts in an Unarmed Shooter Response curriculum.


    A large variety of guns are also available for rent, ranging from various concealed carry pistols to full auto Scar 16s, 17s and M249 saws.

    Meeting Rooms

    Towards the back of the building are two meeting rooms for training and special events. Bachelor parties and other group events can also rent the range for private sessions.

    Whether for the classroom portion of a course or a private event, the classrooms are well lit and spacious.

    VIP Room

    Hidden in the back is the corporate VIP room for those special guests. In the luxurious VIP room, leather couches, a private restroom, pool table and other special amenities are available.

    Final Thoughts

    I was impressed by Top Guns for not only offering a large inventory of quality firearms and accessories, but also a well thought out range and training courses. I look forward to coming back in the near future to attend some of the courses.

    Richard L.

    Richard lives in southern Indiana and has a strong interest in training, modified pistols, optics, and low profile gear/tactics. Some may consider it hoarding or some form of addiction, but he never tires in his pursuits as a stamp and lumen collector!

    For any corrections, input, or interest in posts, you can reach him at [email protected]