My Favorite April Fools:’s Merging of USPSA & IDPA

    One of my favorite times of the year in the industry is seeing who and what “April Fools” campaigns will be waged. While there are some well-known ones this year (the Glock Engineer), my personal favorite was a blip from

    Their tongue-in-cheek article made me snort chocolate milk out of my nose. Its that good. Snippets below and hit the link for the full belly-laugh inducing article. 

    The article starts: 

    After more than a decade of rancorous and sometimes hostile co-existence, today the U.S. Practical Shooting Association and the International Defensive Pistol Association are announcing a joint restructuring that will merge the two organizations by the end of Summer 2015.

    The combined organization will be named the American Run & Gun Handgun Sport. The sport will utilize an easily recognized target that has the same overall size and shape of both the USPSA and IDPA target, using the lower scoring zones from IDPA and the upper A & B scoring zones of USPSA.

    The divisions of ARGHS:

    ARGHS will start with four Divisions:

    • Play; this division is intended for the majority of competitors who simply wish to enjoy a day of shooting in a competitive environment and will accommodate most common sport handguns.
    • Operate; a division dedicated to low profile tactical operations from concealment and/or anyone named Timothy, Operate will require competitors to shoot from behind barricades rather than run past them and perform all reloads while crouching.
    • Race; the Race division is specifically designed for handguns that no one would use for any reason other than an ARGHS match and/or someone who places a loaded magazine in a front pocket, will require all movement to be performed at a full sprint, and shooting from barricade positions must be performed while standing on one foot only.
    • Revolve; the rules for this division have not been finalized at this time because Jerry Miculek hasn’t told us what they will be.

    Nathan S

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