The AZ-P1 Competition Pistol from Arma Zeka

    Arma Zeka AZ-P1

    Arma Zeka AZ-P1

    The AZ-P1 is made by ARMA ZEKA of the Czech Republic and is a locked-breech semi-automatic sport pistol with a single action/double action (SA/DA) trigger mechanism. The AZ-P1 appears to be a CZ clone and pistol meets the requirements of the IPSC and is approved in the Production category, which is quite important for sales. There’s also a Production/Carry Optics version called AZ-P1 Optics. That’s the one I’d go for.

    It’s the first time we’ve ever mentioned this company at TFB, so here’s a little background on them. The mother company of Arma Zeka is ZEKA plus, s.r.o., a machining company with a tradition of custom and cooperative arms manufacturing. The main activity of the company is described as “development and manufacturing programmes for light handguns in the segment of sport and personal defence pistols and their accessories”.

    I had the opportunity to dry fire these handguns and the trigger is definitely very nice and crisp, very 1911/2011. And yes, the AZ-P1 fits inside the IPSC Standard box.

    Apart from the color, notice the difference in the trigger below. Which one would you prefer?

    You can find the details of the AZ-P1 below:

    – modified ergonomics of the frame
    – new type of the checkering on the frame and grips for a better grip
    – high modularity, new type of the backstraps and grips
    – dual action trigger mechanism- SA/DA with smooth travel and short reset
    – slide locks via the barrel to the ejection port
    – frame with a  mounting rail to attache accessories or withour rail
    – ambidextrous controls
    – easy disassembly and reassembly of the pistol
    – last round fired signalization- the slide stays open
    – improved ergonomics of the frame, new checkering and grooving for a firm grip
    – sport front sight- Zendl with fibre optics
    – sport rear sight- Zendl- adjustable for windage and elevation
    – high-quality double stack magazine Mec-Gar for 17 rounds
    – massive all metal construction, steel and aluminium alloy. Both machined
    – high quality bull barrel with surface finish ARCOR as the rest of the steel parts
    – rear and front slide serrations
    – large ejection port for perfect ejection and easier checking of the chamber
    – extractor serves as a loaded chamber indicator
    – ergonomics serrations on the hammer for better manipulation
    – takedown pin stays in the frame after disassembly
    – magazine catch is reversible
    – large and contoured beavertail for a good grip as high as possible in relation to the bore axis
    – recess in the frame serves as a finger rest and support while shooting
    – tuned shape of the magazine plate
    – large spacious trigger guard with checkering at the front

    Furthermore, the company claims that the P1 has:

    – excellent accuracy
    – high durability
    – maximum reliability
    – adjustable trigger – trigger pull lenght and reset
    – ambidextrous and large safeties serving as a support while shooting
    – checkering on the frame for a firm grip
    – roughened backstraps and grips for a firm grip
    – holes in the back of the magazine, that shows state of the magazine- for 5, 10, 15 and 17 rounds

    The price quoted by the manufacturer is €1,075. Obviously, this may vary depending on options and the market, but it gives you an idea of the price level.

    As usual, we’re interested in your opinion. Please let us know below.

    All pictures are taken by DH. Thanks very much for letting TFB use them.

    Eric B

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