Trigger Service, A Czech Gun Range

    So a slight continuation of my “shooting guns in the czech republic” is the actual indoor range that I went to.

    Trigger Service is in Brno. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, second to Prague.

    The owner is Zdenek Malanik and he is very passionate about firearms.


    They have a decent assortment of firearms. Here is the list on their website.

    But here are some pictures. I am not sure about the metal sticks that hold the barrel of the hand guns. If that could possibly scratch the rifling. IMG_5068




    IMG_5105    IMG_5106 IMG_5107 IMG_5108


    Here are some of the more interesting guns. This is Zdenek’s personal CZ. It is a single stack 9mm pistol. Trigger pull is set at 1.2 lbs.IMG_5109



    Zdenek is very pleased with this low budget home defense shotgun from Turkey that he rents out. The Uzkon TR-X. It costs about $250 and has over 2000 rounds through it. It holds 7+1. Here is more info on the Uzkon.




    The X-trim Grand Power K100 has a rotating locking barrel similar to the Beretta PX-4 storm. It is made in Slovakia.




    I had a great discussion with Zdenek after I finished shooting. He explained to me how firearms are viewed in the Czech Republic. Once you acquire a firearm permit, no additional requirements are needed to conceal carry for self defense. However the firearm permit is not a simple thing to obtain. You must pass a written exam in Czech (foreigners are allowed an interpretor), you must learn and pass a firearm manipulation class, be tested on marksmanship (15 meters target and get 5 shots in the ring and you use a CZ75 compact), on top of all that is a medical exam with a possible mental health exam. I was told the written exam has 480 questions.

    edit: Actually the exam is only 30 questions out the total 488 questions. See the details here.

    There are 10 million people in the Czech Republic, with only about 300,000 gun permits. There are about 5 million guns in the Czech. According to Zdenek, gun crime is non-existent since people can carry.

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