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NEW 2022 Browning Firearms John Moses Browning Certain lots of Winchester and Browning 115gr 9mm ammo have been recalled for safety. If you were hoping for ammo prices to come back down anytime soon, bad news... The Browning SA-22 Challenge Rifle has Received a Makeover New for 2021 - The Browning Maxus II Rifled Deer Shotgun New Limited Production Browning Buck Mark Suppressor-Ready Pistols 3D printed Browning Hi-Power frame Maxus II Camo [SHOT 2021] Browning SHOT Show Special Firearms 6.8 western Browning Maxus II Iranian Embassy Siege, guns of 6 Days Movie Browning X-Bolt Hunter Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle (1) Gun stickers: the dangers of displaying a love of guns Browning X-Bolt Max VarmintTarget Bolt-Action Rifle (1) bps Browning Maxus X-Bolt Pro Turnbull VIP 2 Hi-Power (Browning USA)

New Polymer Cased Ammunition Introduced by True Velocity

Texas company True Velocity, LLC, has released the first images of their advanced lightweight polymer composite cased ammunition design via Instagram. Training company BAT Defense sent out an image of what appear to be 12.7×108, .50 BMG, and 5.56mm rounds made by [Read More…]

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