POTD: Browning, Burton, and a BAR

    This photograph is just pure awesome. John Moses Browning poses for a photo in 1918 holding one of his Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) with Winchester gun designer Frank Burton.

    Of course, Browning needs no introduction, but in case you’re new to the gun world, here’s just some of his countless contributions to our industry: M1911 pistol, Hi-Power pistol, the BAR (obviously), Auto-5 shotgun, M2 machine gun, and the M1895 lever-action rifle.

    Frank Burton was a long-time Winchester employee. Many of their well-known arms, including the Model 21 shotgun, were created under his patents and direction in the Winchester R&D Department.

    Involvement in the industry by Frank was almost a given. His father was James Henry Burton, who spent a lifetime designing arms and machinery and overseeing arms factories throughout the world. He spent time as the Master Armorer at Harper’s Ferry Armory, oversaw operations at the Royal Small Arms Factory, was the head of all Confederate Armories, and even helped negotiate arms contracts in Russia.