New for 2021 – The Browning Maxus II Rifled Deer Shotgun

    New for 2021 - The Browning Maxus II Rifled Deer Shotgun

    Browning has introduced a brand new 2021 shotgun. The Maxus II Rifled Deer Shotgun has a number of new features that will set it a notch above your typical deer hunting shotguns including a rifled thick-wall barrel and integrated weaver style rail for one style just to name a few. In addition, the Maxus II will also come in several different camouflage patterns from Mossy Oak.

    New for 2021 - The Browning Maxus II Rifled Deer Shotgun

    New for 2021 – The Browning Maxus II Rifled Deer Shotgun

    A shotgun for whitetail country. Get the edge on deer this season with the new Maxus II Rifled Deer. This purpose-built autoloader features a precision rifled barrel designed primarily for getting every ounce of performance from sabot type slugs. This type of ammunition, paired with the rifled Maxus offer superb accuracy. Combined with the reduced recoil of the new Maxus II, you have extremely reliable, fast-follow-up-shot capability. The cantilever top rail makes mounting the optic of your choice easy. With top quality optics and performance level rifled slugs, you can reach out to significant distances with accuracy and reliable knockdown power.

    • 22″ thick wall, fully rifled barrel for use with slugs
    • Cantilever, Weaver style scope mount for easy optics attachment
    • Composite stock with close radius pistol grip and overmolded gripping surfaces
    • Shim-adjustable for length of pull, cast and drop
    • Ideal for big game hunting

    The Maxus II autoloading shotgun is currently in production and has limited availability so be sure to check your local dealers for these to start showing up on shelves. I quite like this style of shotgun and think the combination of a lengthened barrel and oversized controls will make for great operation up here in the cold northern regions of the United States. The Maxus II Rifled Deer is available now and retails for $1739.99 MSRP. A listing of current dealers can be found here.

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