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Davidson’s Exclusive UTAS UT9-M Mini New Trio of Pietta Exclusives Announced by Davidson's Davidson's Exclusive Ruger Wrangler Wilson Combat has teamed up with Davidson's to offer an exclusive carbine, the PPE. Davidson's Exclusive Ruger 10/22 With Altamont Thumbhole Stock Davidson's has added Hoppe's to the many brands they carry and distribute. Davidson's, Colt, and Baron Engraving have announced a new 1911 tribute to Samuel Colt. Standard Manufacturing, maker of off-beat firearms like this S333 "Thunderstruck", joins the Davidson's lineup. The new Davidson's exclusive .38 Super 1911 with Colt and Baron Engraving. Davidson's and Pietta introduce two new exclusive 1873 revolvers. Davidson's three new exclusives come courtesy of Radical Firearms and Mission First Tactical. Davidson's brings German Precision Optics on board. B&T MP9 davidsons Davidsons Compact Remington R1 davidsons Mission First Tactical MFT Extreme Duty 7.62x51 NATO Magazines Wilson Combat Releases The New 15 Round SFX9 Pistol 3 The Rimfire Report: Entry-Level PRS With the Ruger Precision Rimfire Radical Firearms has released a new 3D-printed titanium suppressor, the Sinter, now available through Silencer Shop and other NFA dealers.