Limited Run of Remington R1 Pistols from Davidson’s

    Remington R1

    During the past few months, I’ve seen more people talking about the 10mm – both online and in a few of the gun shops I wander into. I understand why the cartridge is appealing. It is a powerful cartridge capable of a wide range of activities from hunting to bowling pin matches. Of course, the self defense crowd understandably likes the power as well.

    Remington previously jumped into the 10mm market with its R1 line of 1911 style pistols. Now, Davidson’s is working with Remington to offer an exclusive R1 Long Slide Hunter pistol in 10mm.

    The new gun features an Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD finish on the frame and slide. This appears to be similar (or maybe even the same) finish that SIG SAUER uses on its own Spartan handguns. I’ve handled and shot several of the Spartan guns and really like the look of the finish. I expect the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish on the R1 will look equally good in person.

    Other than the finish, the gun appears to be much the same as the original Long Slide Hunter pistol. It has Operator II panels made of G10 laminate from VZ Grips, a fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. The barrel is 6″ long and considered match grade.

    Richard Johnson

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