Davidson’s Adds Polymer 80 Complete Pistols

    The firearm wholesaler Davidson’s just announced that they’re adding to their catalog complete pistols from Polymer 80. You may be familiar with the models and you may appreciate their ergonomic choices over the well-known platform. If you don’t think you are skilled enough to complete an 80% build, now there’s the option to buy the full package, saving you the sweat and the cursing.

    Here below is the full press release:

    Davidson’s Adds Polymer 80 Complete Pistols

    PRESCOTT, Ariz. – Davidson’s, one of the nation’s top firearms wholesalers, is pleased to announce we now carry complete pistols from Polymer 80.

    Polymer 80 black.

    Davidson’s Adds Polymer 80 Complete Pistols

    The new PFC9™ & PFS9™ Complete Pistols combine innovative ergonomics and features to provide the ultimate in shootability and comfortable concealment. Built with high‐strength reinforced polymer construction, the P80® Pistol Frames include P80’s aggressive standard texture on the sides, front and backstrap for a supreme grip in multiple environments. Their complete slide features front and rear serrations coupled with clean, modern lines and a heavy front chamfer which allows effective manipulation and holstering of a P80® pistol while maintaining a low‐key aesthetic profile.

    Polymer 80 Tan.

    Davidson’s Adds Polymer 80 Complete Pistols

    Before now, Polymer 80 was known strictly as an 80% pistol frame supplier as well as dealing in AR and pistol parts and accessories. With the development of the PFS9™ and PFC9™ Polymer 80 has moved squarely into the complete pistol business and Davidson’s is proud to be among the first‐to‐market with these quality handguns.

    Our initial inventory is shipping to us now so you can expect to see availability very shortly.

    For more information dealers can access our Communications Center on our dealer website www.davidsonsinc.com. Consumers are invited to visit our blog at www.GalleryofGuns.com.

    No MSRP has been publicly revealed yet, although one could make a good guess by looking at the 80% kits and expecting a bit of a premium for the full product, functional out of the box. What do TFB readers think? Have you built any pistol from 80% kits? Would you repeat the process or rather buy the same model complete from the factory?

    Giorgio O

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