Pietta and Davidson’s Announce Exclusive 1873 Revolvers

    Davidson's and Pietta introduce two new exclusive 1873 revolvers.

    Davidson's and Pietta introduce two new exclusive 1873 revolvers.

    Italian gunmaker Pietta has partnered with Davidson’s to produce two new exclusive revolvers. Founded in 1963, Pietta specializes in historical weapons. The brace of brass-and-blued model 1873s will be available chambered in .357 Magnum and the classic .45 Long Colt. Their recent press release introducing this pair of wheelguns reads as follows below with more details.


    The 45LC version features a 4.75" barrel and weighs in at 41.6oz.

    The 45LC version features a 4.75″ barrel and weighs in at 41.6oz.

    Davidson’s Creates 1873 Exclusives

    PRESCOTT, Ariz. – Davidson’s, one of the nation’s top firearms wholesalers, has teamed with Pietta, Italy, to create an Exclusive 1873 single-action revolver in two calibers.

    Pietta is known worldwide for their authentic historical firearms reproductions. Davidson’s is pleased to partner with an Italian firearms company that has such a rich history and looks forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

    “We are excited to start up yet another venture by creating exclusive firearms from Pietta”, said Kane Cannedy, Davidson’s VP of Purchasing. “This is a project we have worked on for some time and it’s fantastic to see Pietta bring it to life.”

    Offered in both .357 Magnum as well as the more traditional 45 Long Colt, these Davidson’s Exclusives feature a deep blued finish on the frame, cylinder, and barrel. The trigger guard, front strap, and back strap are a high-polished brass.

    The sights are the open fixed type with a notch at rear and a bladed front. These 1873 models feature the traditional four-click hammer and both chamberings have 4.75” barrels.

    Item#PSA454, 45 Long Colt

    Item#PSA354, .357 Magnum

    Both models have an MSRP of $519.99.

    For more information, dealers can access our Communications Center at www.davidsonsinc.com.

    Consumers may visit our blog on GalleryofGuns.com.

    About Davidson’s and Gallery of Guns

    Founded in 1932, Davidson’s (http://www.davidsonsinc.com) is one of the nation’s leading firearms and related accessories distributors. Davidson’s central focus is on the customer. Often referred to as the Davidson’s Difference, this passion for unparalleled support serves as the basis for many of Davidson’s service-oriented programs such as Gallery of Guns® (http://www.galleryofguns.com) and the Davidson’s GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program, which extends to both the dealer and final customer. The Davidson’s Difference is backed by a great team of industry professionals across the United States.

    Press contact: Kevin Wilson, Communications Mgr. • Email: [email protected] • 928.776.8055

    A tip of the ten-gallon hat to Pietta and Davidson's for helping keep the old west alive.

    A tip of the ten-gallon hat to Pietta and Davidson’s for helping keep the old west alive.

    These may be worth checking out if you love Lonesome Dove, John Wayne, Red Dead Redemption, and you grin during the movie Tombstone when Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp challenges Billy Bob Thornton’s character to “Go ahead, skin it. Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.” If you purchase one and plan to try spinning it, might we recommend taking a note from Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday and practicing with an unloaded cup first. Yee-haw, cowboys. See you at the range!


    Photos courtesy of Pietta and Davidson’s.
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