Sweet As a Plum – Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

    Davidson's Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

    The Davidson's Exclusive Ruger Wrangler in Plum Brown Cerakote

    Originally announced in April 2019, the Ruger Wrangler was offered in three distinct Cerakote colors: black, silver, and a very handsome burnt bronze. Well, the color options keep coming. Davidson’s has teamed up with Ruger once again, and has announced the new Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler.

    Davidson's Exclusive Ruger Wrangler Davidson's Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

    Since its introduction the Ruger Wrangler has been a huge hit with shooters of all ages and backgrounds. From recreational shooting to rimfire competitions to training new shooters – a single-action chambered in 22LR is a great choice for firearm enthusiasts.

    “Ruger has long been one of our favorite manufacturing partners to produce Davidson’s Exclusives”, said Kane Cannedy, Davidson’s VP of Purchasing. “We knew from day one of the Wrangler’s introduction that there would be Davidson’s Exclusives coming.”

    Davidson's Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

    Picking the Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler Apart

    The frame on the Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler is coated in Plum Brown Cerakote. Both the hammer and trigger are stainless. The steel cylinder maintains the black finish that comes standard on the original three offerings. The barrel is 4.625-inches, cold hammer-forged, and non-tapered. All other materials, sights, and controls remain the same as what comes stock from Ruger.

    Surprisingly, the MSRP of this Davidson’s exclusive is lower than the original Ruger Wrangler’s $249 price tag. The Davidson’s Wrangler comes in at $208, leaving just enough dough in your wallet for a day worth of .22LR. If you’re wondering if the Ruger Wrangler is even worth all this attention, take a look at Rusty’s full review from April of this year.

    If you’re interested in picking up your first Ruger Wrangler, or you want to round out your multi-colored collection, the Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler can be found here.

    You can find out more about Davidson’s on their website here.

    See what Davidson’s Gallery of Guns is up to on their Instagram and on their YouTube channel.

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