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Attack Helicopters with Frickin Laser Beams Under Their Wings: US Army Tests High Energy Laser Weapon on AH-64 Apache

“…Not until they invent handheld laser beams or something” – maybe you’ve heard this tacked on the end of an argument about how small arms are at their peak, and unlikely to change very much anytime soon. Well, the day when Star Wars-style [Read More…]

Micro RONI The Pros And Cons Of Speedloaders For Revolvers Former NATO Afghanistan Commander General Scott Miller Joins SIG SAUER Henry Repeating Arms Announces Launch of the Silver Anniversary Rifle F88 Austeyr For those readers that haven't taken the leap, let us know what's held you back. Let’s dig in to the top 5 reasons you should get a revolver! Revolvers From a Local Gun Auction Selling on GunBroker 101 - How Not to Suck Delta Optical Hornet 1-6×24 SFP D2MR Riflescope TFB Podcast Roundup 69: Silencer Central, Sootch00, and Steve Lee savotta

POTD: Savotta Camouflage

Photo Of The Day: If you want to hide a horse in the winter, Savotta from Finland may have a solution for you. For the Finnish independence day, they posted these images, which hopefully will put a smile on your face. Savotta have been manufacturing outdoors, hunting [Read More…]