Dark Side Defense Solvent Trap with Flash Hider (*cough* *cough* Silencer *cough*)

    New Utah company Dark Side Defense, complete with a logo using the Star Wars font, are selling “solvent traps”. In case you are not aware of the terminology, a solvent trap is a device ostensibly designed to catch solvent when cleaning a rifle or pistol barrel. Saving you money and the saving the environment from toxic solvent spills.

    In reality, solvent traps are not-quite-complete suppressors sold with a wink and a nod to consumers who know exactly what they are buying. They are apparently (as of May 2016) legal to purchase and legal to own. They can be legally converted to a suppressor (not that any manufacture of these will ever admit in public) by filling out a BATFE Form 1, paying the $200 tax, and once approved spending no more than 5 minutes with a hand-held drill and HSS drill bit drilling out the center of the end cap and baffles “storage cups”. To make your job easier, the “storage caps” and end cap are designed to center your drill bit.

    storage caps

    The Dark Side Defense Suppressor Solvent Trap is pricey at $300, but at roughly the cost of 5 gallons of Hoppe’s No. 9 a REALLY heavy shooter it will pay it off in no time in savings from re-used solvent 😉

    Unlike most solvent traps, which lack the more premium features found on their sound moderating cousins, the Dark Side Defense comes with a flash hider which is threaded for the suppressor. While not quite quick attach, it does save time by not having to removing a flash hider each time you want to use the solvent trap.

    Additionally, it even comes with a muzzle brake end cap advertised as being able to stay on while shooting (without the “storage caps” presumably, because that would end in disaster). Confusingly, the end cap does not appear to be drilled … they are not taking any chances that the BATFE might classify it as a suppressor.

    end caps

    The brake is 8″ long and is made from 7075 Aluminum and has an AMC 200 black finish. The cups are 6061 Aluminum.

    Standard Disclaimer: Solvent traps illustrate the absurdity of anti-suppressor legislation. Any metal tube at your local hardware store is a drill and a tap away from being a suppressor. That said, if you are going to convert a solvent trap to a suppressor, do it legally, or wait for the inevitable legalisation of suppressors. Don’t go to prison for a suppressor.

    Thanks to Marty for sending us the link.


    Steve Johnson

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