Mauser DL-44 Blaster of Han Solo

    With the upcoming release of Star Wars, fans everywhere are getting back into the momentum of the objects and storyline that the movies are so famous for. Within the firearms world, some people have really been taken to the Mauser Broomhandle carried by Han Solo. Of course, in the actual movies, Solo has a DL-44 paperweight, with all the shooting done by special effects. But that won’t stopĀ Jerry Miculek from putting together a working C-96 Broomhandle and cloning it into the future by adding a scope and a flashhider! In addition, Jerry made a movie introducing it, with an actor dressed up as Darth Vader, representing Colt, and Jerry of course representing Smith & Wesson. The scene they are imitating is from the second original Star Wars movie where Darth Vader is fighting Luke, cuts his arm off, and tells him that he is his father. I just went back and watched the original scene, and Jerry’s is pretty spot on, complete with the target stand he is holding onto. The second half of the clip is a teaser for the upcoming video of a remake of Han Solo’s blaster, a much undignified Mauser C-96!

    And the movie was released on Monday.

    Not very new, but very relevant, a fellow published an article in Shooting Illustrated, where he did the exact same thing that Jerry did with the Mauser, converted it to the future. Now, I don’t know how much of a Star Wars fan someone has to be to mill and weld away at a $4,000 piece of history, but if that’s what makes you tick, all the power to you!

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