Live Fire Jawa Ion Blaster Replica

    Proto-Ordnance makes some interesting gun modifications and builds. In this video, they finalized their Jawa blaster. For those of you who are Star Wars challenged, the Jawas are a race of midget sized aliens that scavenge the desert planet of Tatooine for scrap metal and droids. In the scene where they capture R2-D2, a Jawa can be seen using this weapon.



    The Jawa Ion Blaster is made from a cut down Lee-Enfield rifle with a large can attached to the front end.

    Proto-Ordnance built a fully functioning blaster replica.


    Here is an earlier video showing their progress and that the gun functions by shooting it into a bullet trap.


    Here is the final video where they dress up as a tall Jawa and fire their creation.


    Edit: Ajax22 from Proto-Ordnance reached out to me to clarify. As some of you had pointed out the cut receiver, Ajax22 confirms it.

    The enfield was made from two enfield receivers that were torch cut (demilled per batfe spec) then the receiver bits were re welded, thereby making it a virgin receiver which could be assembled as a pistol without triggering SBR status.

    the gun has never been a rifle, no stock was ever attached and the barrel was cut down below 16 inches  initially while the receivers  were still cut appart.

    So….. no NFA status, just a home built reweld  pistol like the milled ak’s,  uzi’s or others that are more common.

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