POTD: Rebel Alliance Costa Grip

    I was watching Star Wars Rogue One yesterday and noticed this. Odd I did not see it when I saw the movie in the theater. Although it is only used for a brief second. The scene is from when the rebels free Jyn Erso from the Turbo Tank. The first guy into the confined space is clearly using a thumb over bore grip technique, more commonly referred to as the Costa Grip.

    I am curious who this actor is and whether or not his use of the Costa Grip was instructed by someone behind the camera or was it something he picked up from another movie? Perhaps he plays airsoft or real guns and actually uses the Costa Grip for guns other than movies. Hopefully this catches the Actor’s attention and perhaps he could comment. I am very curious as to why he used the Costa Grip. It is rather noticeable just like the Surefire X300 on Baze Malbus’ gun.