POTD: Marvel Cable’s KRISS Vector

    Josh Brolin is portraying the Marvel character Cable in Deadpool 2. Recently photos were posted of Brolin in costume and he is seen carrying a KRISS Vector. However it looks like a KRISS Vector after a mall ninja had his way with it.

    As you can see in the photo above and photos below, the Vector has been given the following,

    1. Giant monolithic upper rail system
    2. Thompson wooden stock
    3. Rail system for the Vector Barrel
    4. M203 grenade launcher
    5. second barrel with .50BMG muzzle brake

    This prop doesn’t look good to me. It looks like someone vomited gun accessories all over it. Each item draws attention to itself that you don’t appreciate the whole gun.  I miss good props that at least try to be original like the Zorg ZF-1 from Fifth Element. Even the Star Wars prop guns were not eyesores like this abomination. What are you thoughts?