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Acitelli c4 precision Montblanc x Purdey Meisterstück Great Masters Collection 660 FAMS training

Westchester, NY Police Department Adopt Integrally Suppressed B&T APC9-SD

B&T USA has been awarded a contract to supply the Westchester, NY Police Department with integrally suppressed semi automatic carbines. And yes, Westchester’s new APC9-SD carbines take Glock mags. The APC9-SD is a 9x19mm semi automatic carbine with a 146 mm [Read More…]


[Indo Defense 2018] Vietnamese Small Arms Part One: Lee Enfield’s, M79’s, and Bizon’s

One of the biggest buzzes during the show was the booth from Vietnamese Defence Industries (VDI). This was the first such appearance of the Vietnamese delegation to any major trade show outside of Vietnam with the amount of materiel that was being presented to the [Read More…]

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