Black Rifle Coffee Mount 20mm Minigun on Prius, Because Why Not!

    Vulcan Prius

    The Black Rifle Coffee Company's Vulcan Prius (Black Rifle Coffee Company)

    Do you drive a Prius? Looking for an exciting new mod to spice up your daily commute? How about a 20mm M61 Vulcan Cannon? The team at Black Rifle Coffee Company have shared their latest project – a Toyota Prius with a mod that probably voids the manufacturers warranty. Road going BRRRRRRRRTTT.

    The impressive 6 barrel 20mm weapon came straight from an F-16 and has a rate of fire of between 4,000 and 6,000 rounds per minute. Black Rifle Coffee Company partnered with Hamilton & Sons and Battlefield Vegas to put the project together.

    The M61 Vulcan’s 20mm ammo costs an eye watering $27 per round, meaning that the Prius will blow through $180,000 a minute during sustained fire. The cannon itself weighs over 200 lbs which required a radical rebuild of the car with a new reinforce floor and a roll cage.

    Black Rifle Coffee Company’s executive producer Richard Ryan told Coffee or Die, their in house magazineabout the work that went into the car:

    Replace the gun’s hydraulic-fed system with an electrical-fed system, as well as electrical primers and new motors. At the same time, strip the entire interior of the car to handle the amount of kinetic energy put out by the weapon: new floor pan, roll cage, and mounting system for the roof, accidentally making the first Prius that someone might actually call “bad ass” in the process.

    Ryan has been harbouring plans for a car mounted Vulcan for nearly a decade and he explained that he “wanted that counterculture of the Prius. Mounting it to one of those would be epic.”

    A desert beauty shot of the Prius-mounted Vulcan M61 (Black Rifle Coffee Company)

    Unsurprisingly during an early test firing the cannon over pressure from the muzzle blast blew out the Toyota’s windshield and some left over gym matting came to the rescue to protect the road-legal Prius’ replacement windshield.

    Ryan also shared the longer video on his channel FullMag showing the Vulcan Prius in action and explaining how the project came together:

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