[Indo Defense 2018] Kale Kalip .50 BMG Anti-Materiel Rifle, Subcompact Carbine

    Apart from the standard 5.56x45mm AR15-derivatives and MPT76 service rifles on display, Kale Kalip had two new product entries that were being exhibited for Indo Defense 2018. The first is the .50 BMG KSR50, which appears to be a license produced or at least Kale Kalip-marked variant of the Accuracy International AX50. The rifle comes equipped with AI-marked magazines and was observed with a Schmidt & Bender optic. Images of this AX50/KSR50 in service with Turkish Law Enforcement forces first came out in October of 2017(more about Turkish precision rifles can be found here). Other images since then have shown the rifle with magazines in a tan finish instead of the black finish that was observed at the show.

    Note the Keymod sling swivels positioned on opposite sides of the handguard – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    This four-chambered muzzle brake isn’t normally seen in use on AX50s, but many precision rifle companies tailor their rifles and configurations to the end user’s requests – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    Accuracy International marked 5 round magazine – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    The left side of the receiver has been marked ” KSR50 KK-PR- 127-006″. Letters before that are indistinguishable – Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    Specifications on display

    Also on display was the 7.5-inch barrel variant of the KCR556 rifle. Although the only difference was the 8-inch barrel, what was new and more interesting was in fact in the posters and pamphlets that Kale Kanip had on display. Both of which featured the same KCR556 but with a shorter buffer tube and corresponding telescoping stock. Two versions exist, one that is almost identical to LMT’s PDW subcompact buttstock that was featured at SHOT 2017, and another one that appears to be longer.

    Note the Aimpoint red dot optic mounted to the Picatinny rail -Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    -Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    -Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    The stock at right appears to match LMT’s PDW telescoping stock-Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

    This stock variant is slightly longer and appears to match a standard length stock -Miles V, Indo Defense 2018


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