Westchester, NY Police Department Adopt Integrally Suppressed B&T APC9-SD

    B&T's Integrally suppressed APC9-SD (B&T)

    B&T USA has been awarded a contract to supply the Westchester, NY Police Department with integrally suppressed semi automatic carbines. And yes, Westchester’s new APC9-SD carbines take Glock mags.

    The APC9-SD is a 9x19mm semi automatic carbine with a 146 mm integraly suppressed barrel. It has a folding stock and an extended railed forend. It normally feeds from 15, 20, 25 and 30 round magazines and it’s suppressor is rated to reduce its sound profile to <130 dB. The carbine weighs in at 3.1kg and has an overall length, with its stock deployed, of 30.3 inches.

    It is unclear if the guns have been purchased for Westchester PD’s SWAT team or as a patrol carbine. With just 14 guns ordered they are probably destined for specialist SWAT officers. Most interestingly the guns are described as having Glock lower receivers, and feeding from Glock magazines, already in the department’s inventory, rather than B&T’s standard translucent magazines.

    B&T’s Integrally suppressed APC9-SD (B&T)

    Here’s B&T USA’s press release on the Westchester PD carbine contract:

    Tampa, FL – Quick turnaround and unique capabilities, gave B&T USA the advantage in landing the recent RFQ to supply the Westchester NY Police Department with rapid deployment, 9mm carbines. B&T USA’s LE Division won the contract with the integrally suppressed APC9-SD Carbine equipped with Glock lower receivers.

    Compact, lightweight and reliable, the APC9 carbines have been proven with countless European Law Enforcement agencies. The integrally suppressed APC9-SD models being supplied to the Westchester PD allow the Department to use their existing Glock magazines without the need to purchase any additional. B&T USA was awarded the contract by being able to deliver the 14 weapons within the specified 60-day requirement.

    For more information on these products and other B&T products please visit our website www.bt-ag.ch/eng.

    The APC9-SD was introduced back in 2016, and earlier this year was offered for the first time on the US civilian market with an MSRP of around $2,400. B&T USA were recently one of 6 companies selected to take part in the US Army’s Sub Compact Weapon trials. While what B&T USA submitted is unconfirmed, it may have been a weapon from their APC9 range.

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