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[SHOT 2021] Peek-A-Boo! The Silver Shadow Corner Shot Scorpion

The ability to shoot from behind cover is pretty cool. More importantly, it can keep you alive. With good ol’ fashioned Israeli engineering, the CornerShot made this a real possibility. Extending the reach of the famous CornerShot, Silver Shadow Israel has [Read More…]

Staccato (or STI) 2011 handguns once occupied an almost exclusive competition niche, but now more LEOs are choosing them than ever before. Nye County, Nevada's Sheriff's deputies will soon begin using Viridian's FACT cameras. IWI's new riot control solution program includes both offensive and defensive product options, plus training opportunities. Behind the Blue Line Documentary Presented by 5.11 & SIG Sauer A Breakdown of the Infamous 1997 North Hollywood Bank Shootout Fresno Police Swap 40 S&W for New 9mm Duty Weapons m400 Glock wins Brazilian Contract DDM4V7 (Daniel Defense) Secret Service Glock