IWI Announces Comprehensive Riot Control Solutions

    IWI's new riot control solution program includes both offensive and defensive product options, plus training opportunities.

    IWI's new riot control solution program includes both offensive and defensive product options, plus training opportunities.

    Israeli Weapon Industries, or IWI for short, is best known in the US for producing guns like the Tavor bullpup, the Masada and Jericho pistols, the elusive Carmel battle rifle, and their new US-manufactured AR, the Zion-15, among others. They are also a key supplier for the Israeli Defense Force, as well as a host of other military forces and law enforcement agencies all around the world. For example, TFB recently reported that IWI is selling more than 16,000 of their Negev NG-7 light machine guns to the Indian Army. Now they’re rolling out an entirely new initiative, with a July 21st press release detailing the announcement of multi-part comprehensive riot control solutions. The release reads as follows.

    Riot control-focused training is an important component of this program.

    Riot control-focused training is an important component of this program.

    Providing Versatile Methods to Keep Public Order and Safety

    Aiming at minimizing the use of force the solution integrates top-level methodology with cutting-edge technologies, defensive and offensive equipment, and tailored training

    IWI – Israel Weapon Industries, an SK Group Member and a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for military forces, police units, law enforcement agencies, and governmental entities around the world – announces the expanding of its portfolio with a comprehensive riot-control solution. The newly offered solution uses versatile methods to maintain the public order and safety with minimum force application. These qualities make it – as intended – perfectly suitable for the operational use of Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Personnel, Police Units, Prison Services, and riot-control Special Forces.

    IWI’s riot-control solution, tailored to client’s needs, includes conceptual and operative methodology, defensive products such as tactical anti-stab uniforms, anti-stab and bulletproof vests, tactical helmets, shield, multipurpose grenades and more, offensive tools such as multi-shot 12 gauge shotguns, 37-38mm launcher, 40mm launcher, ammunition, drones, and tactical courses for all levels.

    “Civil disorder, characterized by extremists violently demonstrating, or even a legal and peaceful demonstration which escalated into an uncontrollable riot, can result in property damage and human casualties. There is a great importance to handle the situation with minimum use of force and lethal equipment to keep the public safe and retrieve order”, says Ronen Hamudot, VP Marketing and Sales at SK Group. “Only a well-structured methodology of proper use of law enforcement techniques, procedures, and tools will ensure the order and reestablish the confidence to the citizens”.

    Hamudot explains that IWI’s vast experience with proven track record as a solutions provider, for military forces and law enforcement agencies enabled the company to create a holistic solution that gives the authorities the right means to control a riot while minimizing the use of force and avoiding unnecessary casualties. “As the pandemic continues to spread around the world, and with its effect on different aspects of our lives, there is a greater need for such a solution to keep the civilians safe”, he says.

    IWI – Israel Weapon Industries, located in the center of Israel, is a world leader in small arms for over 85 years. IWI is a member of SK Group, which comprises companies that develop and manufacture a wide array of defense products for governmental entities, military units, police, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. IWI’s best-known products include the TAVOR and the new TAVOR 7 in 7.62X51mm caliber, X95 (Micro TAVOR) and GALIL ACE Assault Rifles, the new ARAD and CARMEL 5.56X45mm caliber Assault Rifles, the GALIL SNIPER S.A. Rifle, the DAN.338 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, the NEGEV Light Machine Gun 5.56 & 7.62mm, the legendary UZI SMG in its latest evolution – UZI PRO, the JERICHO pistols, and the new MASADA striker-fired pistols. The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF): IWI and the IDF join forces in developing these weapons, whose final configurations are the product of ongoing interaction, field tests, and modifications, resulting from combat requirements and experience. All IWI weapon systems comply with the most stringent military standards (MIL-STD) and ISO 9001 standards.

    SK Group, owned by Samy Katsav, is a privately held technology and innovation holding company specializing in global frontline defense, law enforcement solutions, marine infrastructures, and property development. SK Group provides small arms systems, electro-optic and laser solutions, imaging systems, naval solutions and more. Drawing on Israel’s innovation and field-proven solutions, SK’s companies offer a powerful track record of technology, experience, and excellence.

    For more information on IWI, please visit: http://www.iwi.net and at https://www.instagram.com/iwi.il/

    Further information about SK Group is available at www.sk-g.net

    If things go south and firearms or other offensive weapons are needed, IWI includes that aspect as well.

    If things go south and firearms or other offensive weapons are needed, IWI includes that aspect as well.

    Are you a law enforcement officer who’s had to deal with riots or other civil unrest? Is your department prepared for such an event? Could you benefit from a one-stop shop offering both offensive and defensive tools as well as purpose-built training? If so, this program may be worth a closer look. Stay safe out there! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of IWI.
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