[SHOT 2021] Peek-A-Boo! The Silver Shadow Corner Shot Scorpion

Nic L
by Nic L

The ability to shoot from behind cover is pretty cool. More importantly, it can keep you alive. With good ol’ fashioned Israeli engineering, the CornerShot made this a real possibility. Extending the reach of the famous CornerShot, Silver Shadow Israel has introduced the Corner Shot Scorpion.

Our newest addition to the The Corner Shot® products family is the The Corner Shot® Scorpion Pole. It is the only telescopic system that enables operators to observe and fire on a hostile target utilizing a vertical standoff from a safe distance (up to 3.8 meters) behind cover, away from the threat. The system is built from a telescopic pole with camera systems for day and night vision and a handgun.

Shoot From Below – The Corner Shot Scorpion

The Corner Shot Scorpion is made of three parts: the base, body, and head. The base contains all of the operational components, including the trigger, grip, and monitor. Emphasis has been placed on the shoulder rest, keeping the shooter’s comfort and stability in mind. If more stability is needed, there is an option to replace the stock base with a tripod-like base. The body is the telescoping pole. To aid in carrying the Scorpion, the pole collapses for transport, but can be easily extended for operational use. The head is the business end, containing the pistol housing, camera, and flashlight. Other tools can be added, as well, like a glass-breaker. The head can articulate 180 degrees and does so in 45-degree increments.

The HD camera sends the target image to the monitor, allowing the operator to scan the area and select their target. This can be done during night or daylight situations with various camera options. The camera housing zeros the camera to the image on the monitor, which features crosshairs that are zeroed to the pistol sights. The operator carries the folded Scorpion on their back until ready to use. The length of the pole allows use through windows two stories above or below, in elevator shafts, tunnels, and over walls.

  • WEIGHT (not including pistol): Approximately 3.5kg
  • LENGTH CLOSED: 1.5 meters
  • LENGTH OPEN: 2.6 meters
  • OPERATIONAL HEIGHT: 3.8 meters
The Corner Shot Scorpion will be available in March of 2021. It will only be available to military and law enforcement. If your agency or department is interested, you will need to contact Silver Shadow to get a custom quote. Take a look at their website to learn more.
Nic L
Nic L

Stemming from his childhood love of WWII history, Nic's passion for firearms continues to grow as his maturity level recedes. He has competed in local USPSA, IDPA, and rifle competitions, and has an almost unnatural affection for Rosie, his Gen3 Glock 19. @the_brutal_rooster

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  • Thomas Maker Thomas Maker on Jan 29, 2021

    ....... Nope, still retarded!

    Seriously, put a fucking camera sight on a rail and connect it with encrypted bluetooth to a phone strapped to your arm.

  • Demophilus Demophilus on Jan 30, 2021

    Not for nothing, but if you're going to go to all this trouble, you might want to put something on the end of the stick that groups tighter than a short barrel Glock. Like a CZ-75 or Shadow, a Sig 210, or even a G34.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see that a light pistol with a short barrel is going to be more accurate or less wobbly on the end of a long stick. Unless it's the weight of the pole that stabilizes the system, so that a lighter pistol is easier to aim and hold on target.