New Field And Range Gun Cases From Federal Ammunition

Zac K
by Zac K

Headed to the range? Or to the duck blind or the deer stand? The new Field and Range gun cases from Federal Ammunition will keep your rifle or shotgun safe and protected while you’re on your way.

Gun cases @ TFB:

New accessory lineup

The Field and Range accessory lineup is new for Federal, offering gear that’s built tough for hard use outdoors. They will keep the elements at bay and offer protection without the clunky, awkward bulk of a hard gun case.

New rifle case

The new Field and Range Scoped Rifle Case has an easy-slide liner so your rifle doesn’t get hung up inside. There’s protective foam padding built-in, which also offers up to 12 pounds of flotation, in case you’re prone to boating accidents. Speaking of boating, this case’s exterior is 600-denier waterproof polyester, so this case should work if you’re looking for something to shed water while you’re headed upriver to your moose stand.

The case has zipper closure, and there’s also a zipper on the accessory pocket. For easy carry, there’s a built-in handle as well as a detachable sling that’s adjustable for fit (attaching by large-swivel EZ clips). Available in 44-inch or 48-inch lengths, both for a $59.99 MSRP.

New shotgun case

The Field and Range shotgun case follows a similar pattern, with easy-slide liner and a 600-denier polyester exterior that’s waterproof (certainly an appealing feature for most waterfowl hunters). This case comes with a Realtree Max-7 finish on the exterior, so it’s easier to hide when you’re sitting in the duck blind. Like the rifle case, this shotgun case has up to 12 pounds of flotation from its foam padding, and comes with zipper opening as well as a zippered accessory pocket. Asking price for this case is the same as the rifle case, $59.99. Available in 48-inch or 52-inch sizes.

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