UK Police Raid Illegal Firearms Factory

    Seized FGC-9 components (Metropolitan Police)

    The London Metropolitan Police Force announced last week that they had raided what they described as a ‘suspected makeshift 3D firearm factory’. The Metropolitan Police claimed that the raid led to one of the largest seizures of 3D-printed firearm components in the UK – ever. Craft-made firearms components were found during a raid at a home in North West London on Friday, 7 October. The raid was part of an operation involving officers from the Metropolitan Police Force’s ‘Operation Viper’ team. The Viper team take the lead on intelligence relating to illegal firearms use and manufacture.

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    Seized FGC-9 components (Metropolitan Police)

    Commander Paul Brogden said:

    This operation demonstrates how we continue to relentlessly target those who attempt to put lethal firearms on the streets of London. We found a large number of components that could be used to create weapons and believe 3D printed firearms were being manufactured to sell. This highlights how the emerging threat of 3D firearms continues to evolve.

    Seized ammunition (Metropolitan Police)

    Seized FGC-9 components (Metropolitan Police)

    As a result of the operation, two men, one aged in his 20s and the second in his 40s, were arrested on suspicion of firearm offences. They were interviewed at a North London police station and have since been released on bail until a date in November.

    The low-res photos released by Police suggest that the operation saw the seizure of 3D-printed components of at least three FGC-9s and 50 rounds of 9x19mm. While the Metropolitan Police Force’s statement on the seizure and arrests refers to the location as a ‘factory’, it makes no mention of if any tools and equipment related to manufacturing were found – such as a 3D printer.

    FGC-9 Creator JStark Passes Away Following Police Raid

    FGC-9 Prototype

    The FGC-9 is one of the more advanced 3D printable designs. Developed by JStark, a designer affiliated with the Deterrence Dispensed network/group, the 9x19mm pistol caliber carbine is an evolution of the Shuty AP-9. FGC-9 components and complete firearms have been documented around the world, from Australia to Europe to Myanmar.

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