BREAKING: Army Confirms 6 Sub Compact Weapon Contracts

    SCW awards

    US Army Confirms SCW Contract Awards

    The US Army’s Contracting Command has announced the award of six separate Fixed Priced, Full and Open Competition Prototype OTA’s confirming earlier reports. The successful vendors will now provide the Army with the 10 testing an evaluation weapons needed for the programme’s testing phase.

    As earlier reported between the 14th and 17th September, the US Army awarded six companies contracts to provide weapons for testing and evaluation:

    Global Ordnance LLC – Sarasota, FL; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1030 (award 09/17/2018)
    Angstadt Arms LLC – Charlotte, NC; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1031 (award 09/14/2018)
    B&T USA LLC – Tampa, FL; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1032 (award 09/14/2018)
    Shield Arms, LLC – Bigfork, MT; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1033 (award 09/15/2018)
    Sig Sauer, Inc. – Newington, NH; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1034 (award 09/17/2018)
    Trident Rifles, LLC – Odenton, MD; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1035 (award 09/14/2018)

    The ‘Contract Award Dollar Amount’ have also been posted with each separate contract award notice. The most expensive award came from Shield Arms LLC, with their entry costing $33,350.00, closely followed by SIG Sauer’s at $32,516.80 and Trident Rifles LLC’s costing $31,712.11. There is then a small gap with  Angstadt Arms LLC’s contract costing $27,907.00 and B&T USA LLC’s coming in at $27,364.81. The cheapest entry comes from Global Ordnance LLC, which TFB examined last week, with a contract award amount of $19,529.30. This gives the SCW programme cost of approximately $173,000. Substantially cheaper than the $260,000 estimated worth of the earlier abortive SCW RFI cancelled in July.

    Army Contracting Command, New Jersey’s, post on explains that:

    These Prototype OTA’s will be for the delivery of functional Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) systems along with accessories and spare parts.  The SCW systems will undergo the required Government testing and if successful, a follow-on production OTA or Federal Acquisition Regulation based contract award, may be made to one offeror for up to 350 SCW systems, which will include an option for additional quantities up to 1,000 SCW systems that may be exercised in quantities no greater than 350 SCW systems.  The expected Prototype OTA duration is six months after award.

    The successful vendors now have 30 days to provide the Army with the first 10 SCWs for testing. Once the testing is completed and a follow on production contract has been awarded the remaining 340 weapons are required to be delivered in a 5 to 7 month period.


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