Department of Homeland Security Orders B&T GL06 40MM Launchers


    B&T's less-lethal GL06 (B&T)

    B&T USA have revealed that they have been awarded a contract by the US Department of Homeland Security to provide 40mm less-lethal grenade launchers for the Customs and Border Protection Agency.

    B&T USA will supply the break action GL06 grenade launcher designed by Brügger & Thomet in the early 2000s. The 40x46mm grenade launcher is in use with police units around the world including Spanish and French police. The GL06s will fire B&T’s Safe Impact Round – two primary versions of the SIR round are available a yellow-tipped 116 Joule cartridge described as “perfect choice for violent public order applications.” While the black-tipped 176 Joule is said to be the “more powerful descendant” of the yellow cartridge and according to B&T’s website is suitable for dealing with “lightly armoured” individuals.” The Safe Impact Round cartridges are also reloadable, with B&T selling a specialised reloading device.

    GL06 rounds

    B&T’s colourful range of less-lethal projectiles for the GL06 (B&T)

    The single shot, shoulder fired launcher has a folding stock and a 11.2 inch long barrel, it weighs 4.6 lbs and its main sighting system is an Aimpoint Micro TL, with back up irons built in. The 40mm GL06 joins the the H&K P2000, the Remington Model 870  and the M4 carbine in the US Customs and Border Protection Agency’s inventory.

    Here’s B&T USA’s press release on the contract.

    Tampa, FL – B&T USA, LE Division, recently won an IDIQ contract to supply US Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection Agency with B&T’s GL06 40mm Launcher. B&T will deliver 329 of their SIR (Safe Impact Round) launchers to DHS, the first US agency to adopt the GLO6.

    The GL06 from B&T has been proven and deployed throughout Europe by law enforcement agencies. Ideal for border security and crowd control, the GL06 40mm Launcher uses SIR (Safe Impact Rounds). The DHS contract GL06 Launchers will be custom configured with shorter barrels and iron sights.

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