Altered Perspective! NEW Ultradyne C4 Precision 45° Offset Sights

    c4 precision

    To many people, 45° offset sights might be an old hat. We have all seen them a million times before and not many people necessarily use them, but that raises a good question: What if they were using the wrong ones? Ultradyne has fabricated a set of 45° offset iron sights in their C4 Precision set that actually are quite a bit different in their construction.

    Their C4 Precision Sights, which are now available in a 45° offset configuration, give a great blueprint for what all iron sights on a modern sporting rifle should be. Some elements are no-brainers like their minimal profile, lightweight nature, and wide range of adjustment for windage and elevation. Some of the other highlights, as described by Ultradyne, can be read below:

    • Tool-Less Elevation Adjustment – Make hassle-free adjustments anywhere, anytime
    • Windage-Adjustable for Zeroing – Regain full range of rear windage adjustment and guarantee center-zero operation
    • Multiple Front Sight Pin Options – Choose from traditional post or multiple Dynalign front apertures
    • Dynalign Sight Picture Technology – Ultradyne exclusive alignment for accurate and immediate acquisition
    • One-Handed Deployment and Storage – Positive detent allows operation without manipulation of buttons or latches
    • Superior Side-Adjust Ergonomics – Rapid windage and elevation adjustment from 200 to 600 yards at your fingertips
    • Interchangeable Aperture – Spare aperture conveniently threads into windage knob until needed
    • 100% CNC Machined in the USA – American Made Quality

    The unique ability of the C4 Precision Sight is the fact that you can fully adjust through only the front sight: both windage and elevation. This is best described by Ultradyne themselves so I will let them do that through their public statement that can be read below:

    Aperture sight systems have been around for decades, but until now, they haven’t been fully optimized for the AR15 platform.  The Ultradyne C4 Offset Front and Rear sight system harnesses the power of a dual aperture system to bring you what many are calling the best iron sights on the market. A dual aperture system allows you to acquire your target faster, see your target more clearly, and shoot at longer distances.


    With the C4 sight system, all zeroing adjustments (windage and elevation) are done on the front sight. This allows full use of windage on the rear sight, should you need it. Rugged and Intuitive design make these sights more than capable of backing up your high end optic. With 9 different elevation settings and simple tool-less adjustment, you will be amazed at how well you are able to shoot in close quarters and at distance with iron sights.

    These sights can be purchased in 3 separate packages if you are interested in the new 45° offset configuration. They are available either directly from Ultradyne at their MSRP pricing, or you can check out potential deals from Brownells, Optics Planet, Cheaper than Dirt, and Midway USA where they are available as well. Their associated pricing can be read below:

    • C4 Precision Offset Folding Front Sight – $119
    • C4 Precision Offset Folding Rear Sight – $139
    • C4 Precision Offset Folding Sight Combo – $249

    So what do you think? Is this something you would want to run on your MSR/AR-15? Or are you in search of something different entirely? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate feedback.

    c4 precision

    c4 precision

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