Archive: April, 2017

Kershaw Reverb

Lightning Review: Crye Precision Gun Clip Modification – Holster For Suppressed Glock With Weapon Light

I picked up a Crye Precision Gun Clip many years ago. To be honest I have not used it that much although I liked the concept. Holstering a Glock with weaponlight is easier now, but when I bought this, custom Kydex holsters were not as common as they are now. One issue [Read More…]

Ruger AR lower

Ruger AR-Lower Elite

Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced a new offering: the AR-Lower Elite. The AR-Lower Elite is a complete AR lower that includes a full fire control group, buffer tube assembly and stock. All you need to do is add an upper and magazine to start having fun. Back in December, [Read More…]

9x18mm gel test: Prvi Partizan 95 gr JHP

Clear Ballistics gel test of 9x18mm Prvi Partisan 95 gr JHP fired from Bulgarian Arsenal Makarov. The “Soviet 9mm” perform out of the classic Soviet pistol. The 9x18mm round dates back to just after WWII and is about as powerful as a modern .380 ACP round, less powerful than its NATO [Read More…]