10/22 Dressed As a Krink?

    The Ruger .22 LR 10/22 rifle probably has the record for the most “drop in” imitation firearms ever. There are 10/22 platforms that will allow it to look like a Garand, a P90, even an AK74! The majority of these are of course mostly aesthetic and don’t really add much to the actual system itself. At the end of the day, you aren’t much better off than if you hadn’t done anything to the 10/22 base action in the first place.

    This image appeared on Maxim Popenker’s blog, and it shows two 10/22s dressed up as AKS74U Krinkovs! This particular kit is from a company known as C&S Metall-Werkes Krink Plinker of which we reported on back in 2007. However with these particular 10/22s, the company appears to have gone a little further and has modified them into accepting faux AK74 magazines that appear to house a 10/22 magazine inside of them. This gives them the appearance of seriously imitating an AKS74U with black furniture from a distance. I’m assuming that these models are either a one-time run, or they were an experiment by the company because we can’t see them for sale today on the webpage. In addition it appears that the 10/22 on top looks to be more of an experimental variant because it has several features that aren’t present in the production kits or the one on the bottom.


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