EOTech’s Temperature Shifting Zero Reaches Legal Conclusion – Class Action Settlement Pending

    Alas, all good things (that admittedly were borne of bad things) must come to an end. L3 Corporation’s EOTech division has reached a settlement agreement with the filed class-action lawsuit, which will end EOTech’s open refund offer for its fielded holographic weapon sights manufactured from January 5th to November 1st, 2016.

    The settlement brings about a close to a legal and PR saga that EOTech will feel the repercussions from for years to come. In short, EOTech hid the fact that its weapons shifted zero between large shifts in ambient temperature from the US Government and its commercial customers. While all optics experience this shift to some degree, EOTech’s direct efforts to conceal this earned it the ire of the Government which ultimately settled with EOTech in short order. The class-action settlement will likewise likely end the issues with the commercial market.

    In short, the settlement provides the EOTech will provide to its customers a full refund to the MSRP of the given product or for someone who already returned and received a refund, they will receive a $22.50 voucher for the purchase of a new EOTech product. in detail:

    If you:  

    You may be entitled to:



    Previously received a refund from EOTech

    A $22.50 voucher toward the purchase ofa new EOTech product will automaticallybe sent to you.

    Have not previously received a refund from EOTech  and would like to keep your EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight

    Elect a cash benefit, which may be as muchas much as $50 and as low as $25 depending on how many people submit Valid Claims, ora $100 voucher toward the purchase of anew EOTech product.
    Have not previously received a refund from

    EOTech and want to return yourHolographic Weapon Sight to EOTech

    A refund of the purchase price of your

    Holographic Weapon Sight up to the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price ranging from $299 to $1,179, $15.00 for shipping. and a $22.50 EOTech product voucher.

    Claims are due to no later than May 23rd of this year. For those who do not return their product or likewise forget, this will end the opportunity for them to get a refund or voucher from the company.

    For additional details, check out the Class Action’s website here. 

    Nathan S

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