Lightning Review: Crye Precision Gun Clip Modification – Holster For Suppressed Glock With Weapon Light

    I picked up a Crye Precision Gun Clip many years ago. To be honest I have not used it that much although I liked the concept.

    Holstering a Glock with weaponlight is easier now, but when I bought this, custom Kydex holsters were not as common as they are now. One issue that still exists is holstering a suppressed pistol. The Crye GunClip allows a suppressed pistol to be holstered safely.

    One of the issues I had with the Crye GunClip was how it attaches to belts. The original setup allows you to mount the GunClip to Molle as well as a belt. However adjusting, removing and mounting requires a screw driver. There is a large phillips screw that applies tension and holds the upper and lower portions of the belt/molle mount together. The actual GunClip rotates around this mount and allows the user to orient the gun in any position he prefers.


    I removed the mount and noticed that my Blackhawk! QuickMod Magazine Case has a quick adjustment belt mount that allows the mag pouch to pivot. I removed the belt mount from the pouch and noticed it fits the Crye Precision Gun Clip.

    Look at the photo below. The Gun Clip has circular indentations for indexing when it is rotated on the belt mount. Even though the Blackhawk belt clip has a large hole in the middle, it is pure luck that it has the same amount of indentations so they mate up perfectly.

    So all I had to do was use the threaded metal disk you see below to sandwich the belt clip to the Gun Clip. I used the longer screw that came with the Blackhawk! mag pouch and the washer from the Gun Clip.

    In order to rotate the Gunclip holster, you do need to loosen the screw a bit and then retighten it. But more importantly, I can quickly detach and attach my GunClip to my belt. I do sacrifice Molle compatibility but that is ok for me as I do not use gear with Molle that much.


    The Crye GunClip and the Blackhawk! mag pouch are not cheap. Both will set you back around $50 each. So you spend $100 to holster a suppressed Glock with a weapon light.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

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