Keep your Glock Tool On Your Glock with Tango Down & Vickers Tactical

    Ah… the Glock grip plug. Often overrated or undervalued, its a polarizing little piece. Glock purists will argue that it is not needed (its not) and shooters will argue it does indeed plug a hole and ease reloads by removing a lip (it does both). Both parties are correct, but the argument is likely to continue until the Glock is a mere relic of bygone days and even then historians will make a bigger deal of it than it should be.

    But, seeing the open grip as an opportunity, Tango Down and Vickers Tactical have again teamed up on a useful use of the space, the “Vickers Tactical Grip Plug / Takedown Tool for Glock”. The key portion of the name is the Grip Plug / Takedown Tool part which belays the intended usage of the nifty accessory – it’s a takedown tool that fits in the grip. With it, one carries all the tools needed to disassemble their handgun for detailed cleaning.

    The tool is available for either Gen 3 or Gen 4 handguns, with only small differences. The Gen 3 unit is one-piece and self-contained and the Gen 4 is two-pieces, with the tool easily removed from the base plug. Personally, I prefer the Gen 4 design as the Gen 3 may still require a tool to remove the plug, though the button is ramped for easier removal from the handgun. Both help index magazines during reloads.

    The Gen 3 clocks in at $12.95 and the Gen 4 at $17.95 retail. Both are available in Black, Glock Tan, and Grey. Check them out over at Tango Down. 

    Nathan S

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