Completely Awesome: NERF Gun John Wick

    I have yet to see the newest John Wick release, but this NERF gun parody had me laughing for a long time. YouTube channel Corridor Digital released three minutes of awesomeness a few weeks back, substituting NERF guns for the real deal, but leaving the action and effects in place. This video is well worth your time.

    Fess up, you have at least one NERF gun in your home or office and have done the following when no one is watching: ‘sliced the pie’, hostage shots, body armor drills, quick-draw Doc Holiday trigger guard spins, open shirtless apex carry, mirror Nerf ‘duck face’, double tap on swimsuit model posters and long range “sniping”.

    You have also pondered: adding a weapon light and/or laser, spray painting or Cerakoting your blaster, trigger upgrades, increased round capacity, spring upgrades, optics, round adjustments for added range or “lethality” and the addition of several Magpul accessories.

    Because I haven’t. No, really.

    Nerf John Wick



    Kids can build their own blaster for each mission with a Nerf Modulus blaster from Hasbro! With the Battlescout blaster, they can also record their battles! The Battlescout blaster comes with a detachable 720p HD camera that mounts on the blaster’s tactical rail. Record videos and take photos with the camera, then show off the battle sequences and action shots to friends. The blaster includes a 10-dart indexing clip and comes with 10 Elite darts that unleash with pump-action blasting. SD card required (not included) to record videos and take photos. Comes with 10 Elite darts

    Yes, KIDS. Thanks for the guidelines, HASBRO.


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