Bullpup Side by Side Shotgun Concept from Finland

    Halenius Holding Company of Finland has designed a bullpup side by side shotgun, which they’ve introduced in IWA 2017. So you think “bullpup SbS shotgun” already sounds unusual? Then how about this: it is also meant to be fired without aiming – just by pointing. The owner of the company Aleksi Halenius says that you don’t need to aim it in a traditional way. Instead, you just extend your arm which holds the gun and it will hit the target at which you are pointing it.

    The gun is called “Aiming hand shotgun”. The idea behind this concept is that pointing is a more natural and precise way of aiming. The company also points out that when shooting a traditional shotgun, your field of view is partially blocked by the barrels and your support hand. In the case of Halenius shotgun, you have nothing interfering with your field of view. They also say that shooting traditional shotguns requires more practice and adjustments of the gun to the shooter’s body to be able to make a quick and accurate shot. With this bullpup shotgun, aiming is a natural motion.

    The aiming hand shotgun also is more compact, lightweight and it allows your support hand to be free during the shooting. The latter feature seems to be not that necessary for a hunting shotgun. Why do you need a free support hand when shooting a game animal?

    Here is a video where Aleksi tells about the shotgun:

    The technology of this shotgun is patent pending. Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the price and availability of the gun.

    I tend to be skeptical towards this concept. It seems to be too unusual to aim with just pointing. However, anything new and revolutionary is always met with skepticism.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

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