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Smart Guns: Are They Practical?

Discussions about smart guns have been underway for some time now and has, in recent years, been actively pursued by a handful of tech companies. In fact, Jonathon Mossberg who is indeed part of the almost 100-year-old O.F. Mossberg and Sons company, started his own [Read More…]

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PSA- catching a squib load

I don’t think there is a single shooting event/competition, civilian or military, where it is declared in the safety brief, that everyone present is a range officer and has the right to call out an unsafe act or situation, on behalf of the whole group. Often times [Read More…]


Guns that Go Boom… Badly

Wide Open Spaces has collected an impressive amount of photos of various catastrophic detonations in firearms.  While most of them would likely have left the shooter stunned, there are a few that I would hazard caused some damage to both the gun and the shooter. [Read More…]

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PSA: Use Holsters, Not Purses

Tragically, 29-year-old mother Veronica Rutledge was shopping in an Idaho Walmart with her toddler and a trio of older nieces when the toddler reached into her purse, pulled out her gun, and fatally shot her. According to police Rutledge did have a concealed carry [Read More…]

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Review: The Gun Box

I’ve been using The Gun Box for a few months now and finally have some good usage with it so I can share my experience. Some quick background is available in my write-up from a year ago covering their Indiegogo campaign. Overall, the safe has been nice to have [Read More…]


Thumb Safety Glock

Miles Vining at Forgotten Weapons has a picture of a rare gem: a thumb safety Glock pistol. Built as part of Austrian Government trials, who were uncomfortable with the notion of external-safetyless pistols. Ultimately, the Austrians chose a passive-only model and the [Read More…]

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