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    One of the halls at SHOT Show 2019 was available for attending only on Wednesday. This one-day exposition called Pop-Up Preview was hosted on Level 5. Along with the NEXT pavilion on the hallway of Level 3, the Pop-Up Preview hosts some of the most innovative companies. And one of those companies is SIMTEK with their little security gadget called Wireless Security Sensor.

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    This triangular device is designed to notify the owner about any movement inside the object it is placed in. It uses a cellular signal to transmit an alert about the motion near the guarded object (e.g. opened safe). The built-in SIM card will automatically find the best network available at the moment to send the alert. This device will also be a valuable tool for those of you who travel a lot because its SIM card works worldwide.

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    According to the company officials, the use of cellular signal instead of WiFi ensures a more secure and reliable connection. Here is how this advantage is described on the company’s website.

    Alerts are sent over a secure and encrypted connection. It’s not easily defeated – since we use cellular and not wifi, there’s no router you can unplug and no power you can cut! Simtek is unaffected as it has it’s own cellular connection and battery power.

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    An example of an alert message sent to your phone

    This device can be placed virtually anywhere (safes, vehicles, luggage – you name it). From the standpoint of firearms storage security, it can be placed inside a gun safe to monitor and alert any unauthorized access. The device is designed to work in low signal environments which safes are. Moreover, if its built-in antenna is not powerful enough to transmit the signal (e.g. in case if the safe is located in the basement), you can increase its power by attaching the external antenna that this product comes with.

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    Below you can find the tech specs of the SIMTEK Wireless Security Sensor followed by a video where Brady Simpson, the founder and CEO of SIMTEK, tells about some of the other features of this device, its activation and use.

    Dimensions 1.48” x 3.66” x 3.26”
    Weight 3.4oz / 96g
    Material Rugged ABS plastic
    Battery life Up to 1 year
    Sensors Light and Passive Infrared Motion (PIR)
    Sensivity 15” x 15” motion range (std. room in house), Any visible light
    Connectivity Cellular (GSM)
    Cellular Range 200+ countries worldwide – high performance roaming global simcard included
    Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: RCR123a 650 mah
    Warranty 1 year limited, includes technical support

    The SIMTEK Wireless Security Sensor is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $200. Right now it is discounted to $150.

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