FOG BE GONE – The Forthcoming Ex-Fog System from Battlewear Components

    They say necessity is the mother of invention. I’m inclined to agree. With manual labor, especially mechanically or ballistically based manual labor requiring eye protection, the invention of safety glasses and goggles was a matter of time. For a while it was good.

    Then came the other parts of manual labor – heat and sweat. Combined together, they created lens “fog” which has been the bane of safety glasses & goggles since the beginning. Fog is the number one reason people remove their glasses – as they feel they are safer seeing what they are doing instead of trying to see through condensation.

    Where paintball and airsoft shooting sports have added fans to the top of goggles, newly formed Battlewear Components, Inc. looks to remove that on-spectacle device and remote it. Their solution is the Ex-Fog, which is basically a little fan mounted on headwear that blows air through tubes keeping the condensation away. This also has the added benefit for those in combat by increasing situational awareness where on-goggle fans create noise.

    The patent-pending Ex-Fog is a self-contained rechargeable unit that generates air flow through user-selectable manifolds. Included with the unit are the manifolds, a custom head mount (similar to an NVG mount), and 6 feet of tubing.

    Those interested in being part of the first 500 can reserve one now for $10. Retail price is set at $79.99, which the balance will be due “when the product is closer.” Battlewear is forecasting September/October for the release of the first-gen units.



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