Timney Offers Safety Selector for Modern Sporting Rifles

    Companies tend to come in two flavors – those who expand across a wide array of products and those with razor-focus on their competencies. It would seem that Timney Triggers, which as the name implies is known for their triggers, is perhaps showing a glimmer of the former, having spent many years as the latter. Timney’s latest offering is the “49R”, a safety/selector for AR-pattern modern sporting rifles.

    The safety selector itself is not necessarily anything new, but it is a solid product well-executed. Features include a precision-machined steel core, fully heat-treated and carbo-nitrided. Precision machined for feel and smooth operation, the core is set up for ambidextrous throw levers and a user-selectable throw. By installing one way or the other, the shooter can choose from either a 90 degree throw or as the name implies, a 49-degree throw.

    The precision machined part is critical for shooters with high-end low pull-weight triggers (like those that Timney offers – coincidence?). With single-stage hair triggers being common across hunting and now even shooting sports, having the correct tolerances for proper engagement of the trigger bar while on “Safe” will ensure shooter safety.

    The new Timney 49R Safety Selector is available directly from Timney and through their dealer network. Retail pricing is set at $65.95. 


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