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Harmonica 2

John Browning’s Harmonica Rifle

Ian of Forgotten Weapons takes a look at J.M. Browning’s Harmonica Rifle at Rock Island Auctions. Now the John Browning that we think of is not the maker of this rifle, but rather it was John Moses Browning’s father. A lesson Ian explains in some detail in [Read More…]

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Colt 1918 Self Loading Rifle

At the Colt booth in Shot Show 2015 there is a display of a Colt SLR. The SLR is made by Ohio Ordnance Works under license by Colt. The SLR is semi-automatic version of the Colt BAR. The SLR comes in a Italian leather-bound display case. Two 20 rd mags, Leather sling [Read More…]

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