Email bankruptcy!

Just letting you all know that once again that my inbox is a mile high. I will endeavor to get through it as fast as possible. Please continue to email me. I will (eventually) reply. Win the new Daniel Defense DDM4v11 Pro


Sig prototype 7.62×39 SIG510 rifle

Nooky, a reader of the blog, posted a photo he took of a rare SIG510-3 prototype chambered in 7.62×39mm. The rifle sold for about $8000. [ Many thanks to Nooky for emailing me the link. ] Win the new Daniel Defense DDM4v11 Pro


SIG550 / SIG556 in 7.62×39 photos

These photos, showing the upcoming 7.62x39mm version of the SIG556, is purportedly straight from SIG Sauer. They are using the SIG550 (aka. Classic) forend and sidefolding stock. Troubleshooter, a reader of the blog, emailed me to say that lower receiver is similar in [Read More…]


Kahr Limited Edition Pink Pistol

What can I say … its pink. I guess if you are into pink guns this is probably pretty cool 😉 I am not sure what the MSRP is. It is being distributed exclusively through MGE Wholesale. Win the new Daniel Defense DDM4v11 Pro


Kahr P380 CA-Legal model

Kahr will soon be shipping a California approved version of their P380 pistol. They are claiming it is the only polymer framed ultra-compact that is approved for sale in the state. The pistol has the required loaded chamber indicator … The MSRP will be $733 and it [Read More…]


The Barrett MRAD

The new Barrett MRAD is looking very cool. Its design looks more akin to a autoloader than a bolt action. This video demonstrates its features … The MRAD will go on sale mid-year 2011. Win the new Daniel Defense DDM4v11 Pro


A visit to the Ruger factory

Mr Completely and KeeWee visited the Ruger factory in Prescott, AZ. Mr Completely says … It seemed like we had just started out tour, and suddenly it was lunch time. As we were walking back to the front of the plant and to the reception area, a number of thoughts [Read More…]