South Korean SOF Daewoos And NODs

    Some photos were posted in a Daewoo gun group on Facebook. They depict Korean SOF soldiers practicing some drills with their Daewoos and NODs. There are some very interesting equipment choices in these photos.

    The Ultimate Roof Koreans

    These soldiers appear to be using the Daewoo K1 with collapsing stocks and a red dot. I think it is a DI Optical red dot. The photo below looks like they have a brass catcher on their rifles.

    Here the Daewoo K1 appears to be equipped with a blank firing adapter. If you recall, MITS Precision is making replacement handguards for the Daewoo K1 and K2. Unfortunately, these guys are still using an older handguard design but at least they have a top rail for optics.

    This photo shows a unit moving behind a ballistic shield. Interestingly the shield bearer is using a Daewoo K5 pistol with what looks like an RMR on the slide. Anyone recognize what the rifle equipped soldier has slung in front of his vest?

    Edit: Upon closer inspection (zooming in on the photo) it looks like they are using a Dueck Defense dove tail mount. You can make out the fixed front sight on the optic mount.

    Daewoos And NODs

    Besides the outdoor drill photos, this SOF group had some photos taken indoors with night vision. Interestingly one of them is using an L3 GPNVG. I reviewed a variant of the GPNVG here. The one seen in the photos below is the BNVS version. Here it is on EoTech’s website.

    Only one of the guys is using panoramic night vision, the rest of them appear to be using some form of monocular, most likely a PVS-14. I do question how they plan on aiming with iron sights and night vision. Night vision has a very shallow depth of field so if they focused on their front sight, they would not be able to focus at all on the target down range. They need red dots or lasers but for some reason this photo shoot does not have any.

    What I found most interesting is the small widget mounted on the bridge of the GPNVG-18.

    The light looks like a Princetontec Switch Rail MPLS. However, I do not understand how it is attached to the bridge of the GPNVG. The bridge is different from the one I reviewed. The one I reviewed resembled the ANVIS-10 goggles. Take a look at the photo below. The bridge is blockier.

    Photo by TNVC

    I reached out to a South Korean friend of mine and he had photos of the GPNVG used in the Korean SOF photos.

    It is a Switch Rail MPLS and it is on a custom picatinny rail adapter for the GPNVG bridge. They used a screw from the bridge to bolt on the rail and the Switch Rail MPLS mounts to that rail.

    South Korean SOF Daewoos And NODs (1)

    South Korean SOF Daewoos And NODs (2)

    South Korean SOF Daewoos And NODs (3)

    South Korean SOF Daewoos And NODs (4)

    The GPNVG-18 do not have an onboard IR illuminator for immediate area tasks. So bolting a rail to the bridge and mounting a PrincetonTec Switch Rail MPLS makes sense. It is easy to make and install. Now you have the added benefit of having light in case your area of operation is too dark that you need to supplement with some lighting.

    Final Thoughts On Daewoo and NODs

    A huge thanks to my friend for tracking down this somewhat obscure widget. From my understanding, these may be the actual GPNVGs used in the photos above. The Daewoo rifles are standard issue and hopefully they get upgraded soon. The slide mounted red dot on the Daewoo K5 pistol is a particularly interesting modification that should be adopted universally across all Daewoo and Lionheart pistols.

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