Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection

    Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection

    A United States court has recently ruled that online retail giant must submit itself to an inventory inspection over claims by Maglula that Amazon has been a direct seller of Maglula counterfeits.

    Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection

    For those who don’t know, Maglula is an Israeli-based company that makes various magazine loaders for firearms that allow shooters to more easily load handgun magazines. On December 12th, a federal lawsuit was filed which claimed that Amazon was a direct seller of the Maglula Counterfeits.

    Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection

    This lawsuit comes on the heels of another successful suit against Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou Goodtools Co Ltd for making unauthorized copies of its UpLULA universal pistol magazine loader. The Amazon counterfeit was apparently sold by Amazon, arrived in Amazon packaging, and was then subsequently returned to a third-party liquidation center and listed for resale.

    Maglula claims that they have repeatedly warned Amazon about the counterfeit magazine loaders. According to The Counterfeit Reportthe best way to be refunded your money if you receive a counterfeit Maglula product is to hold onto the counterfeit product as evidence during your open dispute.

    Commingling of genuine and counterfeit loaders in the same Amazon inventory bin may result in consumers receiving counterfeit products from amazon. Please refrain from ordering loaders from Amazon until further notice.

    Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection

    The site encourages those that want to purchase a Maglula product to shop at local stores that you trust and from companies who work directly with Maglula like Brownells, MidwayUSA, Cabela’s, BassPro, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Turner’s, and many other distributors for the company.

    If you suspect that you have received a counterfeit loader you can submit a few pictures to Maglula at the email address [email protected] and Maglula will let you know if your loader is the real deal or if it is a Maglula Counterfeit. Currently, the counterfeits retain the same design, markings, and branding as the genuine products so counterfeits may be hard to spot.

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