Cutting Edge CuRx Monolithic .22LR Bullets

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    At the beginning of the past year, we reported about the prototype machined copper .22LR bullets that were being developed by Cutting Edge Bullets. Fast forward a year and the company has just released the first product in their new line of machined .22LR bullets dubbed CuRx. Let’s take a closer look.

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    This first member of the Cutting Edge CuRx .22LR bullet family is a 32-grain solid copper machined projectile. It features the company’s patented SealTite band and the patent pending double driving band. This particular CuRx bullet is designed for use in barrels with common twist rates (1:16″ or faster) and the ammunition loaded with this bullet will function in .22LR magazines. Heavier weight bullets for barrels with faster twist rates (1:9″ or faster) are in development. Cutting Edge has also outsourced primed .22LR brass and will sell them with the bullets to allow you achieving the best results. According to the company, the new CuRx bullets both enhance the accuracy and provide deeper penetration compared to factory ammunition.

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    Along with the CuRx bullets, Cutting Edge has also released .22LR reloading die sets consisting of a crimping die, bullet seating die and two shell holders. They’ve also published reloading data for their new bullets which you can download by clicking HERE.

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    The 200 count bundle of Cutting Edge CuRx 32-grain .22LR bullets and primed brass is available for preorder at a price of $70. The reloading die set has a price tag of $122. The estimated start of shipping of the dies and bullet/case bundles is mid-January and mid-February respectively. For those of you who don’t want to get into .22LR reloading, Cutting Edge will offer .22LR ammunition loaded with their new bullets in the future.

    Have you noticed that these bullets are packaged in prescription bottles? That’s because these pills are a cure for Projectile Dysfunction! Watch the video below.

    There are several reasons why reloading .22LR ammunition has never been popular. First, the .22LR is an affordable round so it is not economically sound for most people to reload this cartridge. Second, the availability of primed cases is limited and the design of the rimfire case makes repriming it not the easiest process. Third, you’ll have a hard time finding .22LR bullets. No, you can’t use .22WMR or any other common .224 caliber bullets because the .22LR bullets are heeled – the bullet and case basically have the same diameter and the tail diameter of the bullet is reduced to fit into the case. There are tools for repriming the fired .22LR cases and molds for casting bullets but this is more attractive to the survival/prepping community and such reloads will barely have any advantages compared to factory ammo. Now, if you want to reload the .22LR to enhance its performance, you don’t really have many options as far as the components are concerned. That being said, with the introduction of the CuRx family of bullets, Cutting Edge makes reloading .22LR much more attractive allowing to make ammunition that may arguably be better than anything else on the market including match ammo.

    If you have tried reloading rimfire ammunition, please share your experience in the comments section. What results were you able to achieve, what components did you use and what obstacles did you face during the process?

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