POTD: “Polar Star” Special Forces Competition

    Photo Of The Day and time for some Russian Special Forces Competition at the Brestsky training ground. This was the first stage of the international competition called “Polar Star”.

    As part of the first stage of the competition, participants will pass a readiness test to perform combat training missions. As part of a special-purpose group, they will have to complete more than 10 different nominations.

    Where old Humvees go to die.

    On the first day of the competition, all participants successfully completed several difficult exercises, including “Assault of a building”, “Ambush” and “Sniper”.

    No Russian competition is complete without Kalashnikovs.


    These pistols look absolutely tiny.

    During the assault on the object, special forces conditionally released the hostages and cleaned up the building.

    Pistol is fine. “Double Alpha”

    Pictures from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

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