Magwell Mounts BRASS GOAT Brass Catcher/Deflector

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    Magwell Mounts, a new company located in Sunman, Indiana, has recently introduced their first product – a polymer brass catcher/brass deflector device dubbed Brass Goat. Why Goat? Because the company believes that this brass catcher is the Greatest OAll Time as it will ‘eat’ your fired brass efficiently, and without the bulkiness of traditional bag catchers”.

    Magwell Mounts BRASS GOAT (1)

    Magwell Mounts Brass Goat consists of two parts: deflector and hopper. The deflector is attached to and removed from AR-15 pattern guns without a use of tools and in a matter of seconds – it simply snaps onto the magazine well with a tab extending into the trigger guard and a clamp wrapped around the front portion of the magazine well. The hopper is inserted into the installed deflector and collects the ejected cases. The capacity of the hopper is 30 .223/5.56 cases and it can be easily and quickly detached to be emptied and used again. If the hopper is not installed, the deflector will work as a … well, deflector, redirecting the ejected brass downwards.

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    The Brass Goat is compatible with mil-spec receivers and works with extended magazine release buttons, Magpul BAD levers and with most of the AR-15 cartridges – from .22 LR to .50 Beowulf. Below is a video showing this brass catcher in action. On Magwell Mounts YouTube channel you can also find videos demonstrating how to attach this gadget to the gun, as well as tests with a full-auto rifle and an AR chambered in .450 Bushmaster.

    The MSRP of Magwell Mounts Brass Goat brass catcher/deflector is $39.99. The Brass Goat is currently available in black color only but an FDE colored one will be released soon. The version for AR-10 pattern guns is in the works as well. The Brass Goat is made in the USA and the design is patent pending.

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