Next Level Armament Announces 6ARC Phoenix Rifle

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
Next Level Armament Announces 6ARC Phoenix Rifle

Michigan-based Next Level Armament have announced the introduction of their 6ARC Phoenix Rifle. The new rifle has Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber barrels and is available in 16”, 18”, and 20” barrel lengths, all with a 1-7 twist rate. The 6ARC chambering joins their range which also includes .308, .450 Bushmaster, 5.56×45, 450 Legend, and 9mm. MSRP on the new rifle starts at $3,039.

Next Level Armament Announces 6ARC Phoenix Rifle

Here’s what Next Level Armament have to say about their new 6ARC rifle:

Innovator in modern sporting rifles, Next Level Armament enters the premium 6ARC market with the Phoenix Rifle. This revolutionary platform combines cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and premium materials to deliver unparalleled performance in the world of firearms.

The Next Level Armament Phoenix Rifle features a precision machined billet receiver set with fully ambidextrous controls with an NLA handguard covering a high-performance Helix 6 Precision barrel. The NLA DLC coated bolt carrier group provides long service life with easy cleaning and maintenance and, the Scythe ambidextrous charging handle provides maximum clearance with your optic.

At the heart of the Phoenix Rifle is a Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber barrel. The Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Barrel enhances accuracy, with the benefit of reduced weight compared to traditional steel barrels. The Helix 6 Precision patented carbon wrap process and high carbon fiber to resin ratio also dissipates heat at a higher rate than its competitors which has been shown to reduce wear and tear on the barrel. This means you can enjoy the improved handling and maneuverability of a lightweight rifle without sacrificing performance.

Components that complete the rifle include the B5 stock, B5 pistol grip, Triggertech Duty Trigger, and the NLA muzzle break.

Next Level Armament Announces 6ARC Phoenix Rifle

Here’s a rundown of the Phoenix Rifle’s features:

– Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Barrel
– Barrel length options 16”, 18”, and 20” lengths, 1-7 Twist rate
– Barrel weight: 29 oz (16”), 33 oz (18”), and 36 oz (20”)
– Ascend Phoenix billet receiver set with ambidextrous controls
– Titanium Drum Safety Selector with Stainless Nitrided Plunger
– NLA DLC coated Bolt Carrier Group
– NLA Ambidextrous charging handle
– NLA 15” MLOK Handguard
– Complete rifle weight starts at 6.2 lbs

Next Level Armament Announces 6ARC Phoenix Rifle

Find out more about the Phoenix Rifle at

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