Practice Time! Liberty Ammunition Introduces New Steel Plate And Range Loads

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If you’re looking to go shooting at the range, but your local target practice emporium is fussy about the ammo you use, Liberty Ammunition has the solution—depending on what you’re shooting. The Florida-based ammunition manufacturer has just announced its new Steel Plate and Range rounds, but at this point, they’re only available in two calibers.

The Steel Plate and Range series uses frangible projectiles, intended to reduce the chances of dangerous ricochets. The bullets used are intended to break into smaller pieces upon impact, which lessens the danger of being struck by a single high-energy slug as it ricochets around. Increasingly, frangible projectiles are becoming a requirement at some ranges, particularly indoors ranges and especially in “shoot houses” or other tactical training facilities that replicate real-world structures.

The 55-grain frangible .223 load from Liberty Ammunition. [Liberty]
To that end, it seems the new Liberty Steel and Plate ammo lineup is marketed towards law enforcement along with the usual civilian customers, and it currently only comes in two calibers commonly used for tactical and self-defense firearms:

Liberty “Steel Plate and Range” is available in 9mm and .223. It is designed to allow law enforcement and government agencies the ability to practice on steel with similar recoil to the Liberty OverWatch ammunition. The velocity of this ammunition is reduced to also extend the life of the plates by reducing their damage.

Law enforcement agencies can purchase the ammunition from their retailers or directly from Liberty Ammunition. Consumers can access it from retailers or at the Liberty online store.

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Lest you have concerns about using this ammo in your firearm, CEO Gary Ramey noted: “As with all Liberty Ammunition products, this product goes through our extensive QC process to ensure the highest quality.” He says they have the ammunition in stock already. See the 9mm option here, and the .223 option here. Want other choices? Keep checking in. We haven’t heard of other options coming yet. No doubt there will be demand for other calibers, although there might not be enough demand to start a production line for .40 S&W or something similar.

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